New Beginnings

It’s fairly simple. I have 3 beautiful, funny, amazing, smart kids who love hard and fight hard. When ‘MJ’ (my first child) was just a mere 16 months old I gave birth to my twins ‘The Boy’ and ‘Sparky’. So there I was home with one verging on the cusp of toddlerhood and 2 tiny babies. I won’t lie to you, I forget that entire first year. I was tired, I was lost, I was overwhelmed and I was anxiety ridden. But here I sit, and the Twins are almost 8 and MJ is 9. I made it, I did it, and when asked how I did, my only answer will ever be “Because what choice did I have?’
My Blog is about my life as it was then, as it is now, and how it has been all through my past roughly 10 years of motherhood and trying to get pregnant. It has been a long road, full of laughter, heaps and heaps of love, joy, success, failures, heartache and now as I sit here and type this today it is about new beginnings. New beginnings that feel good. My kids will still be chaotic, my life with them will have its ups and downs but if I think about it, really think I know that underneath the every day upheavals there is so much happiness and love that they bring to my life. I am done raising tiny little kids, they are growing up and moving into different phases of their lives, and so then will I. Here is to family, however, it may be, and here is to Momma starting out on her own new adventures!